delivery & shipping
  • please double check your delivery address. starting 11.25.20 we will be unable to accommodate address changes, it’s confusing to the systems that i use for shipping and can cause further delays. please provide a secure address where you can receive your order unless it is an absolute emergency situation
  • in regards to backorders: dYou will receive USPS tracking info via email once your order has been placed on schedule to be put together this week. it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be shipped on the next shipment day, it just means your order is being constructed so that it can be ready for shipping and will be shipped as soon as it is complete.
  • if you pay for EXPEDITED shipping, that has everything to do with what happens when your order has been completed and dropped off at the post office, it has nothing to do with the processing time of these made to order items.
where’s my order? / schedule / refunds
  • unfortunately i cannot guarantee a specific date of arrival.  we are trying our best to get thru orders from May to August. as you can imagine a lot of things are delayed not only on your end, but on my end as well, and with a team of only two people, who have tackled over 6,000 orders during this time, we are trying our best to make everything and get everything out to everyone. once those orders are caught up, i will no longer offer made to order items and will only offer what is readily available to purchase to avoid confusion.
  • refunds are subject to review. since i buy the materials to make your product for you, my refund policy is case by case basis. since my website simply states if you cant wait don’t order, impatience is not a valid excuse for refund unfortunately. im reasonable and am willing to compromise, but i cannot allow the waste of product simply bc people don’t want to wait when the level of physical labor involved isn’t being considered in the price of the product.
  • as of 11.24.20, i can no longer issue refunds as we are coming to the end of the year and i am trying to get thru backorders as quickly as possible. your order is in the works and i have invested way too much in these materials so  that your items can be created. we appreciate your support, but in the future, this is a small business that is simply trying to make ends meet during an overwhelming time. i have stated from the beginning that if you cannot wait, do not order. even before there was a pandemic, i was a traveling musician, so this was never meant to be an amazon-type, speedy delivery situation to begin with. these items were to be made with care and intention, and although the current trend of instant gratification is at an all time high, unfortunately, these things take time, especially considering the current pandemic, and the overwhelming success of my shop since it opened.
new products/seasonal products
  • i will continue to do create new products between now and untiil i’m completely caught up. i cannot shut down my entire operation simply because i haven’t gotten to your order yet. it may look shady, but it has absolutely nothing to do with your order. i work on backorders everyday, i work on new orders and restocks two times a week. I am making your products FOR YOU and getting it to you THE SECOND IT IS READY.
  • i have a small team and i don’t really want to get a lot of strangers involved due to previous sabotage from people i thought i could trust. Please DO NOT order if you are not sure. please DO NOT order if you cannot wait Please DO NOT contact us about order status, all the info is explained here.
  • Once you make your order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above. i promise that you will receive your products.

i will admit that in the beginning i got really excited and quite possibly created more products than i could possibly manage, but im managing them. i appreciate my bastards who have shown love support and patience throughout this time.

i hope you enjoy your mutha magick and i look forward to being caught up and having a more stable situation going in to 2021.